“Confusion keeps folk employed.”


After ranting on & on to my dad about how remedial my former employers’ management team were, he hit me with one simple line: Confusion keeps folk employed.

I sat there for a moment trying to soak in wtf this Black Socrates just said.

Then like a wave, it all made sense.

Check this: I’m sure you’ve sat at your desk thinking “Wait a minute, there is a more efficient way for me to get things done.” We are all bogged down by simple, repetitive tasks that keep us from tackling the core of what the hell we are supposed to do.

So if you’re like me, you bring some ideas up to your bosses. & 12 times outta 10 your recommendations fall on deaf ears.

So while you sit back at your desk pissed cus THEY carried the fxck outta you (don’t forget the mountain of work you’re now behind on)…here comes the quote “Confusion keeps folk employed.”

Funny thing about issues in the public AND private sector: everyone knows what needs to be fixed. However, doing things too fast, too easy, & too efficient has a NEGATIVE effect on tran$actions.

Now how ass backwards is that?

This is 1 of the biggest hurdles our Generation faces versus the Old Heads. No, we don’t have the years of “experience” (if u consider doing a task 1 million times the same way for 15 years experience) But we do have a knack for finding different ways of assessing issues and applying a new vantage point on them.

You’re now faced with 2 choices: continue to deal with the BS or bounce. If you are in the field/profession that speaks to your Passion, you can deal with it. As the saying goes: Do what you got to do to be where you wanna be. If you don’t fit in that unique category: Good Luck.

Personally, I chose the latter. I was making good money in an industry that continued to prove to me how corporations & public agencies care more about saving a dollar than respecting their customers. I was encouraged to find ways to finesse laws & investigations to benefit insurance carriers. Don’t need that karma. I’ve already fxcked up enough in other sectors of life.

At the end of the day the choice is yours. You make the bed you sleep in.

God’s gender: a cautionary tale


Words are powerful.

Originally posted on ... because God is love:

Is God a man?

Is God a woman?

Does it really matter?

These and similar questions seem to be doing the rounds again, on social media and elsewhere. My answers, in brief, would be “No”, “No”, and “Yes, very much.”

Why does it matter so much? Why does it matter what language we use about God, what pronouns and names and titles we use to address and describe God?

Let me tell you a story.

You know those arguments children have which go “boys are better than girls”, “no, girls are better than boys”, “no, boys are better than girls”, on and on and on? They’re especially annoying on long car journeys or in waiting rooms.

A while back, two of the children I work with, then aged about 5, were having just such an argument. I wan’t paying much attention, just keeping half an eye on things in case…

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The Love Principle

The other day I had a refreshing dialogue with an ex-girlfriend after watching the movie Gone Girl.
(If you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to Great flick)
Ok, back on-topic. We ended up sparring over People’s intentions. Fundamentally, it became a debate over if anything ever starts off Pure.
Anything, as in relationships (personal or business).
Just like in math, a formula only holds true when you can plug in different #s and everything balances out. With that in mind, I apply themes to multiple situations to find a “balanced equation”.
Ok, so let’s examine the word Pure. From a Relationship-view, we think of words like openness, honesty, clean. From a business view-point, the same words fit. Nobody wants to get in bed (financially…well physically too) with a partner that is hazardous to their longevity.

Here’s the curve-ball that is often missed: Everyone & Everything has Problems. In both situations, one entity wants to join with the other because there is a sense that advantages can be gained.

Here’s the next curve: Salesmanship. Yes, believe it or not Sales is a part of damn near every action & reaction in our Lives. Think about it: If Goods were made to not take more of your money, why would companies need sales people? Why does our Generation rely on social media so much to prove to peers & potential mates how “attractive” we are?

We use sales to mask deficits. Deficits can hide for only so long.

All of this means no union of entities begins Pure. Because from the on-set there is a struggle of Opposites. The self we project vs. The issues we carry. We handle this while throwing ANOTHER juggling act of dealing with another person doing the same dance. This still holds true in relationships & business.

Struggle breeds confusion. So we seek solutions. They come from advice, past experiences, and day-to-day initiative. Simple right? Fuck no. No use tip-toeing round it: this shit is war. Yes, temporary/surface level perks help keep things even for awhile… But that storm is on the way.

So what’s the answer? The Love principle.
Check this out: Struggle = Confusion. What defeats Confusion? Love. Who is Love? God. When we stop leaning on our slighted understandings of the World & make His Will a cornerstone of our Lives: Love follows. The right Doors will open & shut.

We live in a cut-throat profit driven society. If you sell yourself short to keep up, in the words of Lupe, “You’ll starve but never die, in a world of hungry ghosts.”


If you ask anybody that knows me, they’ll say that I’m a complexly simple person. We’ll dive into the “complex” part later. I have a gift at deconstructing large scale issues into a handful of key elements. This technique was learned from my Pops (another person you’ll get to know later). The reason why this is a crucial skill is because an overwhelming majority of everything that we do revolves around a few core values. This isn’t anything new. Sigmund Freud serenaded us with all of that talk in the early 1900’s. Once you understand the basic drives of People, then you can begin to build a framework on why groups of similar People “do what they do”, for lack of better words. From there, we build upon that and supplement our analysis with research, facts, and publications. And that’s how I have arrived at this point. The goal of this blog is to breakdown those grandiose re-occurring themes and questions into relate-able prose that persons from all backgrounds can apply to their own lives. By no means am I a Therapist, Teacher, Professional, or Saint. The reason why I’ve mastered half of this crap is because I was the one selfishly taking advantage of people who could not see the full picture. I am not proud of that. It took a very long time for me to reach this point. My Hope is to offer insight. God found use of Paul. Hell, anything is possible.